Philips iP15 Privacy Temp Glass Scr Protector DLK5507

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Attention: This product is only compatible with iPhone 15 . Please note that it is not compatible with other models. Confirm your model as iPhone 15 when purchasing. To ensure a perfect fit, carefully check the LCD screen for dirt and dust again before applying the film.

Privacy Protection and Speaker Dustproof Design: Utilizing special privacy protection material, it effectively prevents viewing from side angles of 30¡ãand maintains clear front-facing screen visibility of 90¡ã, ultra-thin anti-spying refraction technology to protect personal privacy. Despite being only 0.33mm thick, it boasts remarkable impact resistance for sturdy screen protection. Unlike other iPhone 15 tempered glass films, the speaker area features a dustproof design, effectively preventing dust entry and extending phone lifespan.

9H Hardness and 6-Layer Tempered Glass: 9H hardness glass is used to enhance drop resistance. The film consists of six special materials: electroplating nano oil-repellent and waterproof coating, 9H hardness tempered glass, OCA optical adhesive layer, HD PET layer, silicone resin, and release film layer, thoroughly safeguarding your precious smartphone. You can place it in your bag with keys, pens, USB drives, and other metal items without worrying about scratches.

360° Full Adhesion, No Interference with Phone Case: The unique 2.5D rounded edge design prevents finger pinching and creates a gap between the film and the phone, allowing it to withstand side impacts without interfering with the phone case. The electroplating nano oil-repellent and waterproof coating adheres to the phone screen in a 360° all-around manner, resisting oil, water, fingerprints, and providing a smooth touch.

Easy Application, Philips Peace of Mind Guarantee: The AB adhesive layer, made from special materials like OCA optical adhesive layer and PET layer, automatically adheres the film. Even first-time users can easily apply it.


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